19 Feb 2019

Wallace Broecker in a 2017 interview in Wisconsin. (KELLY CALAGNA)

Esteemed climate scientist Wallace Broecker, known for first bringing the world’s attention to the fact that CO2 is warming our planet, passed away on Monday in New York City. He was 87.

I interviewed Bro...

22 Aug 2017

Originally published by Medill News Service, Climate Change.

University of Maine paleoclimatology professor Aaron Putnam extracts a sample from a glacially deposited boulder on the Tibetan plateau.

Throughout our planet’s existence, Earth has experienced periods of warmi...

12 Aug 2017

Originally published by Medill New Service, Climate Change.

A DJI Phantom IV drone sits ready to take off and map a geological field site on the Tibetan Plateau, near Litang, China.

Drones have proven themselves to be multidimensional little devices: from shooting HD vid...

19 Jul 2017

Originally published on Medill News Service, Climate Change.

A team of geologists extract a sample from a boulder on a glacial moraine near Litang, China.

Less than 2 percent of the world's population lives above 8,200 feet, and we are almost doubling that baseline eleva...

21 Nov 2016

Originally published by Medill News Service.

The launch of GOES-R occurred Saturday at 6:42 p.m. EST at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida.  Kelly Calagna/MEDILL

CACAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. – NOAA’s revolutionary weather satellite successfully launched Saturd...

20 Nov 2016

Originally published by Medill News Service.

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER – Duct tape, bubble wrap, aluminum foil, plastic bags, ground stakes, bungee cords, squares of plywood and plastic storage containers are just some of the sophisticated tools adapted by journalists and ph...

24 Aug 2016

The Valles Marineris, the largest canyon in our solar system, appears as a dark scar across the copper face of Mars. The theory that the gullies in the valley are being morphed by water flow has been recently been disproven by scientists at Johns Hopkins University App...

18 Aug 2016

Originally published by Medill News Service.

The idea of liquid water on Mars draws hopes and theories of life and possible habitation on Earth’s closest celestial neighbor. But while water does exist in ice and vapor on Mars, scientists from the Johns Hopkins Universit...

10 Aug 2016

The Perseid meteor shower happens every August with a peak performance night typically happening halfway through the month, but Jupiter’s gravitational pull is expected to give this year’s cosmic show an opening act.

Each year the Earth’s orbit takes our planet through...

14 Jul 2016

Originally written for Medill News Service.

August Wasilowski, InContext Solutions research and development team member, doing a demonstration of one of the company’s virtual reality retail simulations. Kelly Calagna/MEDILL.

Virtual reality flopped in the early 90s when...

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